Past Client Stories

Steven, now a 2 year 10 month cancer survivor, was an ambiguous 25 year old guy working full time and attendingcollege part time (finance major). He started the 2010 year off by hearing the word cancer, starting this nearly three year bout with stage 3 testicular cancer. Steven has had to endure several surgeries & many rounds of chemotherapy.

Steven has been treated at both Rose Cancer Center in Royal Oak, Michigan and Simon Cancer Center in Indiana. Mission of Hope Cancer Fund was blessed to help Steven with travel and lodging expenses. On August 16, 2012, Steven received great news from his doctors! His numbers are great! They need to remain, without much change, for one year for the news to beCancer Free! Best of luck Steven, with our prayers!

Steven also just received one of Mission of Hope Cancer Fund’s first Rock E. Mangus Cancer Survivors Scholarship Fund! Congratulations Steven!


Michael came to MHCF in January 2009 after being diagnosis with testicular cancer. As a client, MHCF had the pleasure to assist Michael with prescription and medical expenses.

In late 2010 Michael came back to us, burned to give back!  He volunteered by selling our Believe Brand t-shirt, sweatshirts and hoodies  to his family, friends and co-works, becoming our original  “Believe Brand Ambassador”. In August 2011, wanting to do more to support our cause he was accepted as a Board Trustee. Then in November 2011 at our Volunteer & AwardsBanquet Michael earned MHCF’s highest volunteer award, becoming our 2011 Gracie Crockett Memorial Volunteer of the Year.

Then at our December 2011 Annual Board meeting, Michael was elected as our Board Vice-Chairman . Michael coined the phrase “Believe to Give Back” and he truly does!  MHCF has and continues to be blessed by his presents and participation. With a recent check up behind him, he is still cancer FREE! Now as a 3 year cancer Survivor, he truly believes to Give Back!! We greatly appreciate your involvement!

Sara now 14 years old was only 12 years old when her and her family got the word Cancer, ALL a form of lukemia .  Sara loves school, is and Honor student and has been named student of the month and year.  Sara has endured three years of chemo.  Her treatment has been very trying on her love for school, her studies and on her family. Sara is well on her way in her recovery and now her and her family are Paying it Forward!  Sara and her family have helped to produce "Sara's Family Favorite Cookbook" to help give back!

Gerald was diagnosed in March 2007 with a rare non-hodgkins lymphoma at stage 4. He saw several cancer doctors who said he needed to go to Mayo Clinic in MN to confirm the diagnosis. That is when Mission of Hope Cancer Fund entered his life. They helped with his travel expense and lodging. Upon returning to Michigan for his special chemotherapy treatments he at Adrian (Mayo decided on the kind of chemo) MHCF was a great support to him. After several months of intense chemotherapy treatments he was found to be cancer free! In March 2010 the cancer returned. MHCF again stepped in to assist him in travel expenses and emotional support. Gerald and I are very thankful for Rock, MHCF and their generous donors. They have given him hope. Please keep Gerald in your prayers as he fights this cancer again.

Thanking all of you,

His Wife

MatthewLet’s give props for routine checkups!
Matthew, an outgoing energetic four year old may not have displayed any symptoms till much later and his illness may have progressed further. Thanks to his Mom and doctors his Globlastoma tumor in his stomach was caught early. Matthew has had several surgeries to remove the tumor and is currently waiting to find out what additional course of treatment may or may not be necessary. If no further treatment is needed, this little guy will be on his way to pre-school early 2010 in Springport. Matthew is a very active little guy, enjoys playing softball and riding his toy four wheeler. He is a Super Hero fan, mostly “Transformers”. This little “Super Hero” himself was surrounded by many loving family members, friends and community members at a recent benefit held on his behalf. Where I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew, his Mom (Jessica), sister (Alexis), friends Tyler & Michelle (host and organizer). Blessings to you ALL!

Cayetena Two year Battle still continues....
Cayetana is a single Mom with four children, one in college. In March 2007, her life as a single Mom got even more complicated. She was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma! She had two months of chemo and then seven weeks of radiation treatments. Cayetana, was in a difficult position, needing many times to decide to travel 360 miles round trip or spend time away from home to get her needed life saving treatments! A bone marrow transplant came next in late November 2008. Cayetana, is still dealing with a special diet, limited exposure to others and tirelessly trying to maintain her household. Thanks, to our generous donors, MHCF has been able to help with maintaining her health insurance, some lodging & travel expenses! Please keep Cayetana and her family in your prayers!

Kurtis from Addison

A 16 year old Honor Student at Addison High School, nearly through his sophomore year, when his life changed! Kurtis was diagnosed with a very rare form of colon cancer. So rare, it has been seen in only 78 children since the early 1940's. How this quiet soft spoken young man would have much more to deal with, then just making sure his homework was done. He not only was unable to complete his year at school with his classmates, but he may not attend classes for his junior year either. You may send a note of encouragement by sending and email to put his name in the subject and we'll see he gets it!


Ramona of Marquette

Ramona was going alone with life with her husband, as many do, when in late July 2008 her life changed forever! She was told those frightening three words "You have cancer". Ramona was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer. This came as quite the surprise as she had hardly ever been sick before.  She has had a surgery and radiation, with still many looming medical bills.  Because of our generous donors, MHCF has been able to help with some of those medical expenses.  Ramona has dealt with her bout of cancer with a great sense of humor. We wish her the best and bless her for her continuing to tutor at her local school.


Deven from Greenville

This little guy is going through it!  In October 2007, this brave little 3 year old was diagnosed with ALL a forms of leukemia. He has already endured one year of chemotherapy treatments and has another 2½ years of ongoing chemo treatments. These will include oral & IV treatments, monthly lumbar puncher treatments along with coping with several serious side affects. His Mom says, through it all, he has a great attitude! He enjoys reading and playing with his trucks & tractors and his favorite sports teams include: Michigan, Green Bay Packers and the Red Wings. Deven, along with your Mom, Dad, twin brother, two older sisters and many, many others, we’ll be Thinking of YOU!

George George is now 13 years old just getting back to school where he is now in the 8th grade. He has been battling ALL leukemia since July 2007.  George has a great attitude; he hasn't let his diagnosis get him down.  He enjoys riding his bike when he’s up to it, playing video games, watching movies; comedies mostly. He wants to play football, but wouldn't be allowed to until his chemotherapy is done, which won’t be for quite some time. George is a fighter and we wish him well!

Dawn is 38 years old, married with no children. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer in March 2006 in July this year it had metastasized to her Liver. Dawn is doing her best to battle her cancer with the help of her family.  She is currently making several trips a month to U of M to receive chemotherapy. Dawn enjoys doing crafts and crochets, she has been making lap robes and donating them to the hospital to help other patients. She also loves spending time with her many nieces and nephews. MHCF was able to help one of her younger cousins several years ago. Her special loves are her three dogs, pictured here with Sadie. Please join us in sending out our thoughts and prayer to Dawn and her family!

Leann LeAnn is a 7 year old, 2nd grader who's early school routine has been interrupted again with trips to the hospital for Chemo therapy and doctor's appointments as she deals with her second bout with cancer. Please join us in offering her and her family our prayers.

Deborah is a 40 year old wife & working mother of four children; two of which are in college. Occasionally enjoying walks & playing tennis with her kids. In early February of this year she & her family received an unwanted intruder in their lives. Deborah was diagnosed with, multiple myeloma stage 3. She is now going through chemotherapy as she prepares for a stem cell transplant. Please join us by including Deborah and her family in our prayers!

Jordan is a 24-year-old father of three, two daughters and a son. He has been battling two forms of skin cancer for 6 years now. Jordan has been with MHCF since May 2003. We have had the pleasure of supporting Jordan with some of his travel expenses due to his many trips to U of M in Ann Arbor for surgeries and check ups. He currently lives in the Bay City area and enjoys working out, fishing, hunting and other outdoor sports. Jordan's life goal is to become a Youth Pastor.

Linda W. of Leslie has been battling cancer of the appendix and colon since March of 2002, she is pictured here doing one of her favorite things, singing karaoke sporting a chemo pack. Our best wishes are with Linda.

Joshua is an adorable 6 year old, SpongeBob and Batman lover. On September 11, 2012, he was
diagnosed with AML cancer. His parents were taking Joshua to the doctors because Joshua was
having high fevers, headaches, and fatigue. He was treated for strep throat for two weeks. Allegiance Hospital then did an xray of his chest and found that his heart was enlarged. They rushed Joshua to U of M Hospital by ambulance and continued more test, including blood test and bone mallow.
Joshua’s parents then got the word that Joshua had cancer.

Joshua started treatments on September 11, 2013 at U of M Hospital. His chemotherapy treatments were intense. They inserted a port in his chest and had treatments for 5-7 days at a time and then he would be locked in his hospital room for 35 days for recovery and isolation purposes. Joshua’s doctors said that Joshua did not read the rule book, usually after treatments like his people are very tired, Joshua did not act tired at all. He would be able to go home for a few days at a time, and then start the whole procedure all over again.
On April 30, 2013, Joshua got his port removed. He has been back to his elementary school for a month and enjoying his 1st grade class. His older sister is happy to also have him back at school.
Joshua is now having monthly checkups. His particular cancer has a 60% chance of relapsing within one year.
MHCF was able to help the family with $1000 worth of new merchandise items for Joshua’s cancer benefit held on May 3, 2013.
Blessing and best wishes to Joshua and his family.